Vanishing Points …

War is over and, as usual, each dark period is followed by a rebirth.
The collection only symbolically picks the 40’s without following its style, but simply to denote that passage from one period to the other. It represents the creative essence of the awakening, the moment in which the expressive capability expands its horizons beyond the rules.
Just like Duchamp elaborates its works recycling and assembling objects, snatching them from their ordinary use, so the collection collects male and female fabrics upsetting through cuts and lines their original nature. The uptight tweeds are softened by the mixtures with the organza and silky wools; the strictness of the tweeds’ greys is lighted up by their transparency and their shimmering glares. This combination creates volumes of light and shadow in which the gold of both the dots-printed silk and the technical textures flickers.
Femininity is marked by inlays of the fabrics, inlays which shape the dresses’ and coats’ lines with their vanishing point.

shooting pure_Page_1


shooting pure_Page_2shooting pure_Page_4


shooting pure_Page_7shooting pure_Page_9


shooting pure_Page_8

shooting pure_Page_3

shooting pure_Page_6


A big thanks to a great team:

Photographer: Saverio Cardia
Stylist: Ludovica Martinelli
Make up artist: Martina Bolis
Model: Anastasia @Joy Models
Post Production: Patrizia Secundo



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